haruru犬love dog天使


街まで feat. YUNGYU (Official Music Video)

梁州105-b feat. 野崎りこん (Official Music Video)


害 - Single


Format: Digital
Released: Dec. 26, 2019

lost lost dust dream

lost lost dust dream
  1. 振動

    (Prod. by KyanosOrb)

  2. 街まで feat. YUNGYU

    (Prod. by ORKL)

  3. 渋谷 feat. pinoko

    (Prod. by Laptopboyboy)

  4. 夢を見ている

    (Prod. by 食品まつり a.k.a foodman)

  5. 電車を降りたら(Skit)
  6. Swim Tower

    (Prod. by RhymeTube)

  7. Glam feat. NERO IMAI

    (Prod. by s.o.u.j)

  8. 梁州105-b feat. 野崎りこん

    (Prod. by shaka bose)

  9. Plasma

    (Prod. by IanoBeatz)

  10. やわらかい体

    (Prod. by ykpythemind)

2,000 yen (without tax)

Format: CD / Digital
Label: Ourlanguage / SPACE SHOWER MUSIC
Release: Nov. 21, 2018 (Digital: Nov. 7, 2018)


haruru犬love dog天使 (はるるいぬらぶ どっぐてんし / haruru inu love dog tenshi)

haruru犬love dog天使(はるるいぬらぶ どっぐてんし / haruru inu love dog tenshi)
ノイズバンドへの参加などを経てラッパーとしての活動を開始。ネットにアップしたミックステープやライブが耳の早いヘッズの間で話題を呼ぶ。術ノ穴主催フェスへの出場、同レーベルコンピにも収録。手売りと限定店舗での販売だけだった自主制作1st EPは即完売。ニートtokyoへの出演、POPEYEやクイックジャパン等の雑誌でコラムを執筆するなど、その特異なバックグラウンドやユニークな言動に様々なメディアも注目。野崎りこん、食品まつり、釈迦坊主らバラエティに富んだメンバーが参加した1stアルバム「lost lost dust dream」は、ほぼ全ての主要な音楽Webメディアに取り上げられ、88risingなど海外のキュレーターからも高い評価を得た。Trap、Cloudrap/Trillwave、Indie R&B以降の多彩なビートも自在に乗りこなす中毒性があるフロウと、メランコリックな自演系シンガーの魅力を兼ね備えた、まったくニュータイプのアーティスト。

She became a rapper after joining the noise band. Her mixtapes and concerts became a hot topic in hip-hop fans. She appeared in a music festival organized by famous music label, and her song was included on that label compilation. Her self-released 1st EP was sold out immediately. She appeared in a famous YouTube content and wrote columns in some cultural magazines, so gathered various media attention to her strange background and unique behavior. The 1st album “lost lost dust dream” was joined by various members such as Nozaki Rikon, Foodman and Shaka Bose. It was picked up by almost all major web music media and received high acclaim from overseas collective such as 88rising. She is a new type of artist that wide variety of genres such as Trap, Cloudrap/Trillwave, and Indie R&B. And she also combines the charm of melancholic singer.